This CAN happen to your family. 
Tornado Shelters of Indiana, LLC
Distributor of Storm Safe Shelters
Many times we thought that we needed more protection from tornadoes and strong winds than our home had to offer. But, as many do when the wind isn't blowing, we put this is in the back of our minds.

Tornadoes have made a personal impact on our lives in three separate instances. First, in April 1994, our nephew was badly injured in the collapse of the Shell Oil Station on US 43 north of West Lafayette, Indiana. During that EF-4 tornado, three were killed and seventy were injured in Tippecanoe County. Second, in 2011 a tornado ravaged the south side of Lafayette including the Red Oaks Subdivision and our cuhrch on 430 South. Finally, what really got us thinking about our personal lack of safety was the near total destruction of Henryville and Marysville, Indiana in the spring of 2012.

We had seen the 'in the ground, in the garage floor' tornado shelter in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in August of 2010 at our cousin's home. We contacted him and then the company, Storm Safe, the innovator of this type of shelter. In the process of attempting to purchase one of these shelters for our own use, we realized that many families in the Lafayette, Indiana area live on concrete floors like us.

With Janet having retired after 20 years at Purdue University in 2010, and Verle retiring due to medical reasons in 2009, we felt the need to do something for the community. We became the sole distributor/installer for Storm Safe Tornado Shelter Company in Indiana.

We investigated several types of shelters and several companies and always came back to Storm Safe. We feel that if we can save only one life, we will have achieved our goal. We have tried to keep our prices affordable and have financing available for most families.

Verle and Janet Whaley
Lafayette, IN

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